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Rise Up

Miami Beach The Moxy Hotel

January 14-15, 2022

The Rise Up Experience is a 360 transformative event.

It is designed to upgrade you by expanding your being. 

Not to change you or mold you. 

But to remind you. 

Remind you that...

You are powerful and your natural state is joy.

Our promise to you is that

You will remember who you really are

You will remember what you are capable of

You will remember what you need to do

And when you do remember

You will thrive, no longer survive

You will see possibilities, no more hurdles 

You will create an extraordinary life, no more mediocre

You will leave this workshop wanting to achieve what you thought impossible before

You will stand tall, proud, loving, and you will scream to the world:





So...What will be be doing?




The 360 Approach is designed to shake up your body and mind. 

We shake things up so we can filter the unnecessary and make space for the extraordinary.


We expand by creating and no longer repeating. 


The Program 

Day 1: Slow Down 

8:45am:   Registration

9:00am:   Breathwork 

9:20am:   Yoga 

10:45am: Break

11:00am: Group Coaching: What do you want to create?

1:00pm:   Lunch 

2:00pm:   Group Coaching: What is stopping you?

4:30pm:   Meditation 

Day 2: RISE UP

9:00am:   Breathwork 

9:20am:   Yoga 

10:45am: Break

11:00am: Group Coaching: How do you adapt a mindset?

1:00pm:   Lunch 

2:00pm:   Group Coaching: Declare who you are

4:30pm:   Meditation 

Meet The Team 


Tiffany Levy

Wellness Leader 


Sarra Adnani

Personal and Business Coach

Tiffany Levy and Sarra Adnani make the dream team!

Tiffany will be focusing on the body through breath work, yoga, and meditation. A world-class teacher, Tiffany is guaranteed to get you engaged in the class and re-aligned in your body. 

Sarra will be focusing on the mind through group coaching. A one of a king coach, Sarra will make sure you experience your mind expanding exponentially to unlimited possibilities. 

Together, Tiffany and Sarra provide the 360 approach to achieve real transformation. An approach that has proven to work over and over again. 

Don't believe us

Hear it from people who have experienced it

"I had the most amazing experience ever! Every moment of each day was so special and grand. I’ve never done group coach and found it very special as well as helpful. This experience was more than I ever could have ever imagined." Javy H.

"The program was great! It did exactly what it is means ot; it forces individuals to rise up to their full potential with a support system in place to bring you to your goals." Noelia A.

"Rise up helped me feel that I am a great teacher and student simultaneously and that I should listen to my inner knowing more because she knows!" Melissa R.

Why should you attend?

There is not should.

You don't have to attend. You get to attend. 

When you want better for yourself. 

You get to have better for yourself.  

When you realize that the option to upgrade is available. You will get to upgrade. 

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching incorporates a talk and a series of exercises that will help the participants zero in on what they want to create in their lives and get clear on what is stopping them. 


Sarra Adnani will be leading the coaching and helping participants determine the right mindset, strategies, and practices for them to rise up to the life they deserve. 

The group coaching is highly beneficial to you if you are ready to create something better in your life by:

  • Improving your relationships 

  • Taking the next step in your career 

  • Increasing your income

  • Learning to manage your feelings and mood

  • Establishing boundaries 

  • Empowering yourself in your center 

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