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Business Coach 

I help people resolve any issue they have.
I guarantee it or your money back.



Tropical Leaves


I first met Sarra through a Yoga in the Park event in Miami and was really drawn to her positive and inspirational attitude. From there I attended a weekend long workshop where I was pushed to look deep within myself through a mix of writing, meditation, yoga and group sessions. I felt that engaging Sarra in personal coaching would provide strong grounding for the future and really happy I did.  She helped me develop a stronger sense of personal accountability as well as confront situations or thought processes in a different way which were very much needed. After working together for most of 2022, I am noticing a lot of the changes materializing. Excited to continue for the next year and feel great i had the opportunity to work with her!



As the CEO of a large company, wife, and mother of two little children, life can be a lot. Sarra has helped me not only manage all of that, but come out on top. She is my biggest supporter. She is that person i can talk to about anything without feeling judged or wrong. We talk about personal stuff and we talk about business. She shows me where my thinking is stopping me and what possibilities i can create for myself, my family, and my company. She made my life exciting. She gave me my power back. She made me a leader of my own life. And the beauty about all of it is she never made me feel less or made me feel like she is superior to me or that she knows more. She just shows me how i can be more without standing far away from me. She stands next to me no matter what. I am forever grateful for her. 

Tropical Leaves


It was so difficult for me to see what was really blocking me from accomplishing my PhD thesis, I kept procrastinating and every strategy failed. In one call, Sarra navigated my internal value system, uncovered false foundational perceptions, and redefined my own success criteria to unblock me! You receive so much more than solving a symptom, Sarra gives you meaningful change and a path forward. 

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I started working with Sarra 3 months ago, and the trust was immediate. She rapidly helped me identify the source of my issues and then quickly recommended techniques to deal with said issues. All of them worked. Sarra not only takes the time but goes the extra mile for her client. Sessions are longer, she always answers for emergencies, off the clock. It is impossible to not grow with Sarra. If you are willing to put the work and heed to her wisdom, I do not see how anyone could not benefit from her sessions. Her approach is light yet profound. She makes you feel like a friend.

To put it simply, Sara has, in a short amount of time, ameliorated my life in the hardest of times. She has helped me become a better person and given me the internal resources to navigate the difficulties and challenges of life with wisdom, calm, and serenity. I would recommend Sarra to anybody looking to work on themselves, and I already have. I am forever indebted to Sarra. 



 Are you overwhelmed by emotions, thoughts, or patterns that are consuming you and keeping you stuck?

If so, let me know and

we will explore possible options to get you to

where you need to be: the powerful individual you are meant to




Are you or your business having communication breakdowns, struggling with low morale, or experiencing an aggressive work environment? if so, get in touch and we will work together to create a more pleasant experience at





Hi! I'm Sarra

Personal and Leadership Coach. What I do cannot be explained.

It is experienced.  

Clients I work with don't need a coach. They want a coach. Like an athlete wants a coach. 


I am that person in their lives that roots for them, that walks besides them, and that is straight with them.   


We have conversations they never had before.

We express things they never thought they could have said outloud before.

We explore territories they never imagined they could have walked before.

We create futures they did not think were possible before. 

My clients live in joy, freedom, and abundance. They never look back. They don't change. They transform. 

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Tropical Leaves


Sarra expertly guided me on my journey of healing. She was accessible, supportive and gave me the keys to finding my own way toward positive momentum and progressing from the dark to the light. I am, thanks to Sara's work, in touch with myself and better able to trust my own guiding voice.



Sarra changed my life right before I turned 30, thank god. She’s been my coach for close to a year, and it’s been my biggest year of spiritual growth – a true journey back to myself. I’m working through my traumas, pausing, noticing, and not labeling or judging – all because of her coaching. My life is infinitely better because of her guidance and support. 

Tropical Leaves
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My 1:1 coaching with Sarra helped me open doors that were right in front of me but the keys were missing

The way we work is such as she leads me to my own comprehension and in this way I have the feeling that the emancipation moment comes from within me when she’s the one guiding me on that path.

And that for me is quite important because it is the difference between hearing things that would make your life better and feeling it in your whole body

Either it’s on a personal level or professional, she always knows how to direct me and I believe she has the gift to do it with everyone in their own uniqueness.



I started working with Sarra in February 2023 and she told me that after 6 months I would be able to look back and say this was a life changing experience. 


Well the growth and peace of mind I’ve gotten from learning how to commit, go after my dreams, and live with integrity have been life changing and enriching. Learning about my hidden, self imposed obstacles and learning how to overcome them has been a true gift in my life.

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