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I am here to help you get unstuck so you can rise up 

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Michael, Czech Republic

Sarra expertly guided me on my journey of healing. She was accessible, supportive and gave me the keys to finding my own way toward positive momentum and progressing from the dark to the light. I am, thanks to Sara's work, in touch with myself and better able to trust my own guiding voice.


Jamie, Miami, FL

Sarra changed my life right before I turned 30, thank god. She’s been my coach for close to a year, and it’s been my biggest year of spiritual growth – a true journey back to myself. I’m working through my traumas, pausing, noticing, and not labeling or judging – all because of her coaching. My life in infinitely better because of her guidance and support. 


Are you or your business having communication breakdowns, struggling with low morale, or experiencing an aggressive work environment? if so, get in touch and we will work together to create a more pleasant experience at




 Are you overwhelmed by emotions, thoughts, or patterns that are consuming you and keeping you stuck?

If so, let me know and

we will explore possible options to get you to

where you need to be: the powerful individual you are meant to




If you are a couple who is committed to making your relationship work but going through some hurdles and feel stuck, contact me and we can explore possible ways to help you come together and strive individually and in your relationship 


Who I work with

Who I am 

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Hi! I'm Sarra

Personal development coach. What I do is get you unstuck.

Clients I work with aspire to do better but feel stuck or stagnant. 

Together, we go on a discovery journey to uncover the root cause of the stuck point and the stories around it. By making the implicit explicit, we are able to find the narrative that best serves you to get you where you need to be.  

Once unstuck, joy, energy, peace, motivation, and excitement come back and clients are able to create the life they want instead of the life they were programmed to have. 

What I do 

The average person operate from a place of programming 95% of the time. This programming lives in the nervous system, is unconscious to you, and was installed without you having a say in it.
It includes your limiting beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that were passed on to you or that you picked up along the way. It's your software. And it might be outdated if you are finding yourself stuck or repeating actions that are hurting you. 

Ready for an upgrade?